Disney on a Dime

Walt Disney World is a magical place for all ages.  I am so fortunate that I have been able to experience it a few times, the latest being last February.  Being a penny pincher and a planner, I sought out as many deals as possible! 

For Christmas whenever anyone asked us what we wanted we simply said gift cards for gas or popular chain restaurants or the VISA giftcards that you can preload with money.  Then I opened up on online savings account.  Each week I would transfer money over to the account and we did not have ATM cards to access the money.  The day before we left for the trip, I simply moved all the savings for the trip over to my checking account. 

Staying on Disney is amazing, but not always affordable.  To get the on Disney feel at the off Disney price, check out Royal Plaza in the Walt Disney Resort.  Located in Downtown Disney, this hotel offers rooms that accommodate up to 5 people comfortably.  The hotel was clean and pleasant.  There was a regular in ground pool as well as a small heated pool outside.  There is a restaurant (Giraffe Café-kids 10 and under eat FREE with the purchase of an adult meal!!) and fitness room on grounds.  Best of all the hotel offers a shuttle bus from the hotel to all over Disney for free!  This was nice for coming back and forth for breaks (if you happen to hit a heavily populated day, I recommend going as soon as Disney opens, leaving to head back to hotel for lunch/swim/nap and heading back once it starts to get dark…the park is open late and there are hardly any crowds during late hours…we did everything with no lines!!). 

Use promo code “mouse” to get 25% off the hotel rate!  To get rates for the time period you are thinking of visiting Disney click here