R.E.A.L (read, Eat and Love) A listing of FREE Kindle eBooks

**Please keep in mind that any items on Kindle are subject to change at any time. Please be sure the button says FREE before hitting buy now.**

Children’s Book: Bunnies – A Rhyming Children’s Picture Book by Julie Richmond

Bunnies - A Rhyming Children's Picture Book ( Fun Ebooks For Kids ) (Fun Picture Books For Children)

Cookbook/Recipe: Amazing Cakes by Instructables Authors

Amazing Cakes

Non-fiction/Lifestyle: Mom’s Know Best: A Book of Reliable Remedies by Michelle McCrary

Mom Knows Best: A Book of Reliable Remedies

Romance Book: Tropical Spice by Sandy Loyd

Tropical Spice (Second Chances Series)

Fiction: Valley of Thracians by Ellis Shuman

Valley of Thracians

R.E.A.L (Read, Eat and Love- Free Kindle eBooks): Bonus! Cheap music!

**Please keep in mind that any items on Kindle are subject to change at any time. Please be sure the button says FREE before hitting buy now.**

Children’s Book:  Horatio’s One Wish: A Tale of One Heroic Hedgehog, Two Loyal Hamsters, and a Missing River Otter by Joshua Kriesberg (Author), James Bernardin (Illustrator)

Horatio's One Wish: A Tale of One Heroic Hedgehog, Two Loyal Hamsters, and a Missing River Otter.

Cookbook/Recipe: 30 Lowfat Recipe II by Tony Pine

30 Low Fat Recipes II

Non-fiction/Lifestyle: Being Gorgeous!  50 of the Best Home-Made Beauty Treatments to Save You Money by Lorraine M. Harding

Being Gorgeous!! 50 of the Best Home-Made Beauty Treatments to Save You Money. (Health Series)

Romance Book: Always by Deb Stover


Fiction: Family Man by Sarah Noel

Family Man

Amazon has great hits for only 50 cents per song right now!  Download to the Cloud and you can upload to any music device or burn to a CD!

Thrift Store (Explicit) by Macklemore

Lonely Boy by The Black Keys

Locked Out of Heaven by Bruno Mars

We Are Young by Fun

Ho Hey by The Lumineers

And many more!

Watertown Daily Times Subscription Giveaway!

I promised a giveaway at 325 followers and so here it goes!  Watertown Daily Times has generously provided a three month subscription voucher for one very lucky Penny Pinching Parent!  That’s right, the paper delivered to your home!  Reading the Sunday paper in your pajamas as you sip your coffee!  FREE coupons!

So here are the rules: 

  1. You must be a Facebook fan of Penny Pinching Parents.  Click here if you are not. 
  2. You must live in an area that the Watertown Daily Times delivers to.  If you live outside of Jefferson County, please call (315) 782-1000 to verify if they deliver to your area.  You can enter to win if you intend to gift it to someone within the delivery area.
  3. This prize may not be redeemed for cash or sold for profit.
  4. You must comment under the Penny Pinching Parents’ Facebook status with the link to this contest why you love about the Watertown Daily Times or what you would like to see featured in the Watertown Daily Times.  DO NOT comment on this blog, comment only on the Facebook giveaway status! 
  5. I will share this link once a day on Facebook.  You may enter every day but you MUST provide a different answer each time. 
  6. Winner will be announced on Wednesday February 27th at 8:00 pm.  Winner will have 24 hours to respond by sending me a message or email with their mailing address so that I can mail the voucher to them.   
  7. For every new Penny Pincher that you refer you will gain another entry.  In order to secure this entry, the person you referred must post on my wall who referred them to the page. They can not already be a Penny Pinching fan.

Good Luck!

WDT Banner Box_Final

Do-It-Yourself Invites!

Planning a bridal shower for my sister has ignited my penny pinching flame!  It IS possible to plan a gorgeous event on a budget.  Starting with invitations!  I choke when I see prices of formal invitations!  No way I am paying that price when it’s so easy (and cheap) to do it yourself!

What is the theme for the shower?  With my sister being an English teacher with a passion for literature, we are taking books and using it as her theme.  So I am using book pages as part of her invites.  What colors are the bridal party wearing?  Use those colors for the invites as well. 

Before you do the invites you must secure a location, set a time and know where the bride & groom will be registered.  Once you know all that information you can use Microsoft Word to type up the information.  If you aren’t sure how to word the invites Google “Bridal Shower Invite Wording”.  Find a verse you like and use it, just filling in personal info as you go.  Make sure you use both the bride and groom’s full names so friends and family of both sides will realize who the shower is for.  Play with fonts and colors of the words to play up your theme/colors. 

Next gather all the supplies you need.  I used cardstock, an old book, ribbon, scissors that cut in waves, a hole punch and the Microsoft Word print outs.  I bought the cardstock, ribbon & scissors with a coupon at JoAnn Fabrics.  It was all less than $10.00. 


I carefully tore the number of pages out of the old book that I needed.  I then used the special scissors to cut wavy borders around all of the pages, to cut out the wording typed up on Microsoft Word and the cardstock so that they would all stack on one another.


Use the solid color cardstock for the back, so that is slightly taller and wider than the other two pieces.  Then use your middle part that will tie your theme in.  (I used the book page.  You could use some scrapbook paper that had the bride’s flower of choice on it or maybe another solid cardstock page to use both of the bride’s colors, or sheer fabric, etc).  The top piece should be the page with the invite wording.  This piece should be the shortest and thinnest piece so that when stacked you can see each piece under the pieces on top.  Once stacked the way you want them to be secured together, use a hole punch to punch two holes at the top of the card, slightly apart. 


The final step is to use a section of the ribbon to tie all the pieces together.  Push each end of the ribbon thru the holes from the back of the back piece (cardstock).  Then tie a simple double knot in the front.  You can buy special sized envelopes at an office store like Staples or Office Depot to mail these out.  Elegant, thrifty and personal- can be used for any event!  Bridal Showers, Baby Showers, Birthday Parties, etc!


R.E.A.L.: Read, Eat and Love

Being an indie author myself, my weekly selections of free Kindle books will be eBooks that might be flying under the radar due to lack of funds to promote the way big publishing houses can promote.  There are quality authors out there that just have not had the chance to be picked up by a publishing house.  The BEST thing you can do for any writer is to leave a review when done reading the book, good or bad.  Any author can not grow without feedback from the readers.  It doesn’t matter if the book has 1 review or 100 reviews, the author has a deep appreciation for each review left. 

**Please keep in mind that any items on Kindle are subject to change at any time. Please be sure the button says FREE before hitting buy now.**

Children’s Book: I Love You by Calee Lee & Tricia Tharp

I Love You!

Cookbook/Recipe: Slow Cooker Chicken by Linda Roberts

Slow Cooker Chicken - The Slow Cooker Aficionado Chicken Recipe Cookbook (The Slow Cooker Aficionado Recipe Cookbooks)

Non-fiction/Lifestyle: Super Immunity Yoga by Julie Schoen, Little Pearl

Super Immunity Yoga: How To Use Yoga For Improved Health and Wellness By Boosting Immunity (Just Do Yoga)

Romance Book: Offside (The Barker Triplets) by Juliana Stone

Offside (The Barker Triplets)

Fiction: Inheritance by Christine Gardner


R.E.A.L.–Read, Eat & Love: Free Kindle eBooks

Every R.E.A.L. post will feature 5 FREE Kindle eBooks.  One children’s book, one cookbook/recipe, one non-fiction/self-help/lifestyle book, one romance book and one fiction.

**Please keep in mind that any items on Kindle are subject to change at any time.  Please be sure the button says FREE before hitting buy now.**

Children’s Book: Orangey the Goldfish

Orangey the Goldfish

Cookbook/Recipe: Energizing Smoothies for Busy Moms

Energizing Smoothies For Busy Moms

Non-fiction/Lifestyle: Paleo Beginner Quick Start: Essential Guide to Get Started Fast on a Gluten-Free Diet

Paleo Beginner Quick Start: Essential Guide to Get Started Fast on a Gluten-Free Diet

Romance Book: Amethyst (YA Paranormal Romance/Fantasy)

Amethyst, a YA paranormal romance/fantasy (#1 of the Guardian series)

Fiction: The Spice of Life

 The Spice of Life

MUST READ!! “What Happened” A Novel by Erica Moulton & details on Giveaway!!

We all have stories of “What Happened” to us to mold us into who we are today.  This story follows a young girl in rural New York who becomes a victim of brutal abuse at the hands of a neighbor.  With no father in the picture, a mother wrapped up in her own love life and a selfish best friend, Virginia doesn’t receive the support or help she needs.  As she begins her descent into a downward spiral of drugs, self-mutilation and reckless behavior the reader is left wondering if Virginia will get the help she needs before it destroys her own life. 


Available on the Amazon Kindle Bookstore for $ 3.99, this book has received 5 out of 5 star ratings with each review.  Release of the paperback version is expected next week.  This book is available for FREE to Amazon Prime members.  FREE 30 day trials of Amazon prime are available here.  To read sample chapters or to purchase this unforgettable book click here. 

The author is running a promotion in honor of the book release.  Share, Tweet and/or Pin this blog post to your Facebook, Twitter and/or Pinterest and then head here and comment on whether you shared, tweeted or pinned the post to enter to win a $50 Restaurant.com gift card!  Gift card code is electronic so it will be emailed to the winner!  Winner will be announced 2/14/13 at 9am EST.  Winner will have 24 hours to reply via email to claim gift.  The Status, Tweet or Pin must remain live until 2/12/13 on your page in order to win.  Those who have read the book are encouraged to leave a review of their opinion on Amazon. 

FREE Kindle eBook- Miss Non-Perfectionist: Stories of Failure to Achieve SuperMom Status!!

For this weekend only (2/8/13 – 2/10/13) you can score my latest e-book Miss Non-Perfectionist: Stories of Failure to Achieve SuperMom Status at the Amazon Kindle Bookstore!  A compilation of my best blogs, I take a humorous look at every day life!  Every woman will be able to relate to this book!  I can’t tell you the amount of people who have said that I write what they are thinking and how relieve they are to know they are not the only one who feels this way!  I guarantee you will laugh at the situations I find myself in!  It’s okay to not be perfect, perfect is boring!  Let your friends know about this freebie!


**Even if you don’t have a Kindle you can enjoy Amazon eBooks with the FREE Amazon Kindle app!  To learn more about this FREE app click here and then don’t forget to download my FREE eBook this weekend!!**

FREE SHIPPING on Every Order at Children’s Place!!!

I LOVE free shipping events!  I always head right for the clearance tab and stock up on super cheap items!  I’ve already admitted my obsession with hats…Look at these great deals:

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