Weekly Meal Plan with Grocery List Included!!

Here is the third installment of the weekly meal plans with the grocery list included.  I know that a big complaint that most women have is trying to plan meals.  So here is seven meals, directions of how to prepre (or links to recipes) and the grocery list of what you will need to prepare these meals.  Print this off, then go to your kitchen and compare the list to what you have already in inventory.  Cross off items you already have.  When you go to the grocery store, take list and cross off items as you put them in the cart. 

This week I have noted items on sale at Price Chopper with an asterisk*.  Also in parentheses I have noted how many meals in the weekly plan that ingredient will be used for. 

Meal Plans

Day One: Slow Cooker Pork Chops with Cottage Cheese, Tomatoes, Avocados: Click here for pork chop recipe and prepare as recipe directs. Top cottage cheese with cherry tomatoes, slices of avocado and fresh ground pepper.

Day Two: Oven Roasted Sausages, Potatoes and Peppers: Click here for recipe.

Day Three: Veggie Burgers with French Fries: Mix together one can of organic black beans, ½ cup of oats, 2 cloves of garlic, 1 egg, 1tbsp of cumin, ¼ tsp pepper and ½ cup of diced mushrooms. Process in a food process until well mixed. Press into patties. Grill one side for five minutes, then flip and grill other side for five minutes. Serve on a roll with toppings of choice.  For fries, slice peeled potatoes lenth wise. Lay on a greased cookie sheet, drizzle with olive oil and bake at 375 degrees for 30-40 minutes.

Day Four: Strawberry Bacon Salad with Greek Yogurt Poppyseed Dressing: Click here for recipe.

Day Five: Cilantro Lime Shrimp with Green Beans: Click here for recipe.

Day Six: Stuffed Shells with Garlic Bread: Place frozen stuffed shells in a glass casserole dish, side by side. Cover with spaghetti sauce. Bake according to directions on package. Prepare garlic bread as directed.

Day Seven: Pulled Pork SpareRibs with Coffee, Molasses Barbecue Sauce with Brown Rice and Stewed Tomatoes: Click here for pulled pork recipe. Prepare as directed. Prepare brown rice and heat stewed tomatoes. Serve tomatoes over rice.

Grocery List

  • Pork Chops (1)*BOGO FREE
  • Chicken Broth (1)
  • Olive Oil (4)
  • Garlic Cloves (3)
  • Paprika (1)
  • Garlic Powder (1)
  • Poultry Seasoning (1)
  • Oregano (1)
  • Basil (1)
  • Cottage Cheese (1) * Price Chopper Brand $ 1.99
  • Grape Tomatoes (1) *$2.50 per pint
  • 2 Avocados (1)
  • Ribs (1) *BOGO Free
  • Coffee (1) *Eight O’Clock Coffee is Buy 1, Get 1 FREE
  • Molasses (1)
  • Dijon Mustard (1)
  • Soy Sauce (1)
  • Worcestershire Sauce (1)
  • Hot Sauce (1)
  • Ketchup (1) * Price Chopper Squeeze Ketchup
  • Brown Rice (1)
  • Stewed Tomatoes (1)
  • Chicken Sausage(1) *Bilinski’s is BOGO Free
  • Potatoes (2) * $ 4.98 for an 8lb bag
  • Onion (1)
  • Banana Peppers-jarred (1) * Mezzetta Brand is BOGO FREE!
  • Bell Peppers (1) * $ 1.69/lb
  • Rosemary (1)
  • 1 Can Organic Black Beans (1)
  • Hamburger or Ciabatta Rolls (1) *Kaiser Rolls 6 pack $ 2.00
  • Oats (1)
  • Eggs (1)
  • Cumin (1)
  • Fresh Mushrooms (1) *$ 2.50 8oz sliced
  • Bacon (1)
  • Almonds (1)
  • Strawberries (1) *Buy 1 16 oz container, get 1 FREE
  • Fresh Spinach (1)
  • Greek Yogurt (1)
  • Mayo (1)
  • White Vingear (1)
  • Sugar (1)
  • Poppyseeds (1)
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Shrimp (1)
  • Fresh Cilantro (1)
  • Lime juice (1)
  • Frozen French Style Green Beans (1)
  • Frozen Stuffed Shells (1) *Pede brand $ 2.00
  • Spaghetti Sauce (1)
  • Garlic Bread (1)

Price Chopper Coupon Match-ups for Week Starting 2/10/13

For all the new Penny Pinchers, each week I will focus on coupon match ups using the coupons available that week in the Watertown Daily Times.  The reason I do this is that when I first started following the sites it was difficult to follow their coupon match-ups as I had just begun and didn’t have the past six weeks of coupons at hand. 

Abbreviations: SS (SmartSource coupon insert) & RP (Red Plum coupon insert)

  • Oreo’s 2/ $5:  Buy 2 @ $5 – $1 off 2 SS coupon = 2/$ 4.00 or $ 2.00 each
  • Arm & Hammer 125oz Laundry Detergent $ 5.99: Buy 2 @ $ 11.98 – $ 1.00 off Any 2 Arm & Hammer Laundry SS coupon = 2/$ 10.98 or $ 5.49 each
  • Sorrento Mozzarella Cheese 16 oz or 32 oz Ricotta Cheese $ 3.99 – $ 1.00 off any 1 SS coupon = $ 2.99 each
  • Smart Balance Spreadable Butter 2/$4: Buy 1 @ $2.00- $ 1.00 off 1 SS coupon= $ 1.00 each!!!! (This is stock up price…worth grabbing a few newspapers for!!)
  • Beneful Baked Delights Dog Snacks 2/$7: Buy 1 @ $3.50 – $1 off 1 SS coupon = $ 2.50 each

Lots of Price Chopper store coupons in this week’s ad!  Remember the ad you get in the paper will sometimes have coupons that the ads in the store won’t have!  Also there is a special page of coupons in tomorrow’s paper including a coupon for Buy 1 Pantene shampoo or conditioner, get another FREE!  Price Chopper is having a sale on Pantene 3/$10…if you have 3 of these coupons that you means you could get 6 bottles of Pantene shampoo and/or conditioner for $ 10.00 or $ 1.67 each!  This is where asking family & friends who don’t coupon for their coupons out of their Sunday paper comes in handy!!

Also if you shop Price Chopper, don’t forget to hit the iSave machine as you first enter the store!  Use your AdvantEdge card to score extra coupons, many times I get coupons good off of store brand goods!


$ 3.00 Superbowl Dish to Pass!!

Invited to a Superbowl party and need to make a dish to pass?  Looking for something cheap, quick but yummy?  Price Chopper to the rescue!


$1 Salsa + $ 1 Cream Cheese (softened) = $ 2 Dip

$ 2 Dip + $ 1 Chip = $ 3 Super Yummy Dish!!


Price Chopper Coupon Matchup: week of 1/27/13

I am really excited about the sales this week!!  Here are the Price Chopper coupon matchups with the SmartSource (SS) coupon insert that will be in this Sunday’s edition of the Watertown Daily Times!!  Remember, if you have been couponing you might find some great deals with coupons for previous weeks but I focus on that week’s coupon insert with that week’s deals!!

WDT Banner Box_Final

  • Eggland’s Best Large White Eggs $ 1.99/ Dozen: Buy 2 @ $ 3.98 – SS coupon for $ 1.00 off two = $ 2.98 or $ 1.49 per dozen
  • Wheat Thins or Triscuits 2/ $ 4.00: Buy 3 @ $ 6.00 – SS coupon for $ 1.00 off three = $ 5.00 or $ 1.67 each (Great for Superbowl Party Dips!!)
  • Furmano’s Crushed or Whole Tomatoes 10/$10: Buy 3 @ $ 3.00 – SS coupon for $ 1.00 off three = $ 2.00 or $.67 each!!!
  • Heluva Good Dips 2/$4.00 – SS coupon for $ 1.00 off two = $ 3.00 or $ 1.50 each
  • New York Garlic Bread BOGO Free: Buy 2 @ $ 3.49 – SS Coupon for $ 1.00 off two = $ 2.49 or $ 1.25 each!!!
  • Planters Cocktail Peanuts $ 2.99: Buy 1 @ $ 2.99 – SS Coupon for $ 1.00 off one = $ 1.99
  • Nature Valley Granola Bars 2/$6.00: Buy 3 @ $ 9.00 – SS Coupon for $ 1.00 off three = $ 8.00 or $ 2.67 each

Some great sales without coupons to consider while meal planning:

  • Avocados 5/$ 5.00 this week ( I was super excited to see this!!)
  • Shady Brook Farms Lean Ground Turkey (2) 1.3 lb packages/ $ 5.00
  • Fresh Sweet Blackberries (2) 6 oz packages/ $ 5.00
  • Fresh Santa Sweet Grape Tomatoes 2/$5.00
  • Price Chopper Fresh Baby Cut Carrots 5/$5.00
  • Price Chopper Pizza White or WHEAT Pizza Dough- Buy 1 Get TWO FREE!!! (I love the wheat dough!!)
  • Ronzoni Pasta 10/ $10.00
  • V8 Splash $ 2.00
  • Danon Light & Fit Yogurt 4 pack 2/$ 4.00
  • Sundown Vitamins BOGO FREE
  • Kraft Salad Dressing 3/$5.00

FREE Lasagna At Price CHopper!!

Now thru February 3rd, purchase (1) Price Chopper Pasta Sauce, (1) Price Chopper Ricotta Cheese and (1) Price Chopper Mozzarella Cheese and get FREE Price Chopper Lasagna Noodles!!  Click here to get your coupon!!


**Must have Price Chopper AdvantEdge card…it’s FREE to get one!!**

Price Chopper Coupon Matchup for Week Starting 1/20/13

If you don’t subscribe to the Watertown Daily Times already, wake up on Sunday morning and head out to buy the Sunday edition of the paper.  Not only do you get all the local and national news, but you also get the coupon inserts and the sales ads. 

WDT Banner Box_Final

As I mentioned before, when I first started couponing I found it very frustrating that I would look at coupon matchups and they would contain deals using coupons from several weeks before.  Just getting into couponing, I didn’t have those coupons available to me so I will offer coupon matchups weekly for Price Chopper using just the coupons available in that week’s paper.  That way, whether you are a beginner or a pro, you can all take advantage of the deals I post. 

This week is not the greatest for deals but there are several making it worth the trip:

Price Chopper In Ad Coupons

  • Kellogg’s Cereal on Sale $ 1.88 (Click here for Kellogg’s coupons)
  • Corn Flakes 12 oz
  • Frosted Flakes 10.5 oz
  • Raisin Bran 18.7 oz
  • Corn Pops 9.2 oz
  • Froot Loops w/marshmallows 9.4 oz
  • Buy 4 of the cereals listed above get a gallon of Price Chopper Milk FREE with in-ad coupon!!
  • Coca-Cola 12 packs 4/ $12.00
  • Polar Seltzer or Soda 12 packs 5/ $ 12.00
  • Prilosec 42 count $ 5.00 off
  • $ 2.00 off any specialty or deli cheese purchase over $ 3.99
  • Hebrew National Franks 2/$7.00, get FREE Golden Spicy Brown Mustard with in-ad coupon!!
  • $2.00 off any three American Greetings cards
  • Pepsi 2-Liters 4/ $ 4.00

SmartSource (SS) Coupon Insert in Watertown Daily Times

  • Softsoap Elements Hand Soap 50% off…Use $ 1.00 off on two coupon in SS insert
  • Progresso Traditional Soups 2/ $ 3.00…Buy four @ $ 6.00 – $ 1.00 off 4 SS coupon = $ 5.00 or $ 1.25 each `
  • Colgate Total or Max Fresh Toothpaste 6 oz $ 2.79…Buy two @ $ 5.58 – $ 1.00 off 2 SS coupon = $ 4.58 or $ 2.29 each
  • Palmolive Dish Liquid $ 2.00…Buy two @ $ 4.00 – $ 1.00 off 2 SS coupon = $ 3.00 or $ 1.50 each
  • Softsoap Body Wash 2/ $ 7.00…Buy 2/ $ 7.00 – $ 1.00 off two SS coupon = $ 6.00 or $ 3.00 each
  • Irish Spring Body Wash 2/ $ 7.00…Buy one @ $ 3.50 – $ 1.00 off one SS coupon = $ 2.50
  • Lady Speed Stick 2/ $ 5.00…Buy one @ $ 2.50 – $ 1.00 off one SS coupon = $ 1.50 each
  • Reynolds Aluminum Foil $ 3.79…Buy two @ $ 7.58 – $ 1.00 off two SS coupon = $ 6.58 or $ 3.29 each
  • Sorrento Stringsters 2/ $ 7.00…Buy one at $ 3.50 – $ 1.00 off one SS coupon = $ 2.50 each

Grocery Store, Meet Couponing Queen

I truly believe that when I walk into a store carrying my bag of couponing tricks that entry music should be keyed and a fan should softly blow my hair.  Kind of reminiscent of the scene on Bridesmaids as they are boarding the airplane to go to Vegas. 

I have had several people ask me questions about how time consuming couponing is.  The truth is, just like anything else in life, you have to be willing to dedicate time to be successful.  I look at it like a part time job from home.  And when I get my receipt after cashing out, whatever the savings is for that trip is my paycheck.  How many people get a paycheck with no work involved?  I can clip coupons while watching TV, I can scan sales flyers while in my pajamas, I can make grocery lists while sipping on coffee.  Right now as I type this I am en route to a bridal show with my sister.  I would much rather give a few hours at home to lower my grocery bill then have to work a second job. 

I start out with checking out my food inventory.  I work with what I have already in my freezer and cupboards as well as what the upcoming sales are to make a meal plan.  I generate a meal plan (see picture below which you can buy one of these here).  Once I have the meal plan set, I write down all the ingredients I will need for those meals.  I cross off any that I already have on hand.  The remaining list goes on my grocery list as well as any breakfast or lunch items we need. 


For household items and toiletries, I keep a running list as I am cleaning or getting ready for the day of what I need or am low on.  Those items also go on my grocery list.  The rest of my list consists of hot sales.  Each week when I shop, I try to grab a few ultra-low sale priced items to go towards the following week’s meal plan. 

Once I have looked at the new sales & coupons, made my meal plan and composed a grocery list I begin putting together coupons to use.  If an item is on sale but you don’t have a coupon, check the company’s website.  Google the name of the item with the word coupon after it. 

I usually have a target amount in mind that I want to spend.  If you get to know prices well, you can estimate the cost of each item and get an idea of what the total will be.  If you are over your target, you either need to rework your meal plan or find more coupons. 

There are certain items that I will pay more for the better alternative.  For example, I will not buy margarine although it is much cheaper than butter.  I tend to buy the milk that says no hormones on the carton even if it costs fifty cents more.  However, for a majority of the time I have no problems going with the store or generic brand.  Say I need Hershey’s Syrup.  It’s on sale for $ 2.79, I have a coupon for 50 cents off but the store brand is $ 1.50.  I will go with the store brand.  Now, grab your binder & bag and get ready to save money!!


If you are a Price Chopper Shopper, make sure you hit up the iSave coupon machine at the entrance of the store.  Scan your AdvantEdge card and a sheet of coupons will print out.  I usually find one or two of these sheets of coupons laying around the store when people abandon them.  I snatch them up too because the coupons are different for each person! 


Today I thought it was funny when a woman came up to me and commented on how organized I was.  This is what was in the front section of my cart..


Stick to your list unless you come across a hot clearance item.  Keep a running total of how much the groceries will come to that are in the cart.  Double check your coupons before checking out to be sure you have every coupon you need.  If you are buying items that have coupons stuck to them, pull them off yourself as I have had too many experiences when I get home and find out the cashier never even took the coupon off the item to use. 

Today’s total before my AdvantEdge card and coupons was $ 208.45.  After card and coupons my total was $ 137.54!  Full week of breakfast, lunch & dinner for four as well as a few items for next week!  Total savings almost $ 70.00 which would have been net pay for working 10 hours at minimum wage! 

Chobani Yogurt Coupons!!

Head here to get great coupons for Chobani yogurt.

Also Price Chopper has a bonus coupon for Chobani Champions this week on their Facebook page.

Now remember, if you have a store coupon like above and a manufacturer’s coupon for the same item, you can “stack” those coupons on the same item for HUGE savings! 

eCoupon for FREE Tissues at Price Chopper!!

AdvantEdge card holders should be able to log in and upload to their card an ecoupon good for a FREE box of Price Chopper Facial Tissues! 

If you don’t have an AdvantEdge card yet, what are you waiting for?  A.  It’s FREE B.  You score major savings on groceries.  C.  Each purchase accumulates savings towards gas for your vehicle D.  You can upload eCoupons.  E.  You can use the iSave machine located at the entrance of Price Chopper for instant coupons F.  It’s FREE G.  It’s FREE

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