My Visit to Page Fitness Athletic Club

You already know I love food.  What you might not know is I also love exercising.  I have been a veteran of the Battle of the Bulge my entire life.  To meet me, you might be surprised to learn that I have several 5k’s (probably around 10) under my belt and one 10k.  I’d love to do the Dirty Girl Run later this year.  So when Jessica Page of Page Fitness Athletic Club contacted me about coming to the club for their launch of their new Les Mills fitness classes I said sure…with some hesitation. 

See I am not a size 2 (or anywhere close to that), I don’t have ripped muscles and I have heard about how intense the Les Mills programs can be.  I have said sure before and at the last minute chickened out.  Amazing how much fear can restrain someone.  I pictured myself lagging behind a bunch of super toned, supermodels.  Me in a heap, gasping for breath, broken and shedding tears. 

I overcame that fear this morning and I am so pleased that I did.  I had such a great time.  I did half an hour of Body Combat followed by half an hour of Body Jam. 

First off- I was so happy and thrilled to see that the room the classes are held in are dimly lit.  What a difference that makes to an attendee.  Lights shine on the stage where the amazing instructors lead the class, but other than that there are no lights on.  For someone who gets headaches in bright lights or may be insecure in group classes, this is heavenly.  Plus it really helps you feel bad azz in Combat or like you are at a Club in Jam. 

The attendees were all shapes and sizes.  In Combat it was a mix of genders but in Jam was just females.  Either way, I felt at ease.  The music really adds to the energy of the class. 

The instructors are fantastic.  They are high energy, positive and fun.  The encourage the group and just have wonderful and warm personalities.  It’s a bonus that they really know the material they are teaching too. 

Body Combat- Think Mortal Kombat meets kickboxing.  Fierce, strong, powerful.  LOVED IT!  Intense, but not in an impossible way.  Round house, upper cut, block, jab, knee to the groin!  When I finished I felt like I could take on Chuck Norris and win. 


Body Jam- Dance Club meets Zumba.  If you have your inner dancer screaming to be let out, this is your class.  I at times felt uncoordinated but really didn’t care because I was having so much fun.  Hip shaking, gyrating, salsa stepping, arms in the air fun!  And even if I didn’t hit the moves perfect each time, I was still moving and shaking (and burning calories!).

When I was done, one of the owners, Chris, actually sat down with me and discussed how Page Fitness is different from other gyms.  They have a program where one of the trainers will actually go grocery shopping with you and show you how to shop!  They tell you what you should be eating  and what ratio of carbs/proteins/fats you should be getting!  We talked for about twenty minutes and I was just so impressed that the owner of the club would take the time to be one on one with a person.  They are truly hands on with their business and both have credentials that would impress anyone. 


The staff, instructors and owners were very friendly.  The atmosphere is inviting and clean.  Very, very impressive.  You are going to pay more than a typical gym but you are going to receive so much more back in return.  What would you pay to get the body you want?

Jessica and Chris are frequently offering group fitness classes for FREE for non-members who want to experience what Page Fitness has to offer, with no strings attached!  What a great way to check out the quality of the services before you commit!  They do have a Bridal Boot Camp for any brides who want to look their best on the day of their wedding!

Bridal Boot Camp Logo

To learn more about Page Fitness (located in Watertown, NY) click here for their website, follow them on Facebook by clicking here (this is where they will announce when they have launches for non-members to see what it’s like), or call them at (315) 786-8032. 

Q&A: Kimberly Caird of Food Restores!

I do not always make the best food choices, but when I do- wow does it feel good!  You know what else feels good?  Seeing the number on the scale decrease as energy and well being increases.  Learn more about meeting your health goals during this edition of Q & A with Kimberly Caird of Food Restores!

After reading about this new business in our area I “liked” Food Restores Facebook page (click here) and it is AMAZING!  She has the BEST posts with tons of great information!  Read below for more info!

1. Tell me who you are and what you do? 

My name is Kimberly Caird. I’m the owner of a company called Food Restores where I work as a Certified Health Coach with men and woman who want to lose weight, the healthy way!

Through my love of whole food nutrition, education and coaching, I help clients bring an understanding into their lives with regard to truly healthy eating and teach them to lose weight naturally.

2. How did you end up pursuing this line of work?

We’ve all heard the saying, “You are what you Eat.” For me, that statement ultimately rang true through very clear experiences with food. Call me a late bloomer, who knows! But, the light bulb finally turned on when I stopped fooling myself and truly began to LIVE that statement.

My struggles were the direct result of an intense, jam-packed, high-stress lifestyle. I was the stereotypical type A personality, requiring myself to burn both ends of the candle and jam forty hours into a twenty-four hour day. I was working full-time, going to school, raising children and failing to make my health and well being a priority.

I suffered through sleepless nights, leaving me perpetually drained. I faced depression, digestive problems, routine sinus infections, unhealthy skin and hair and turned to the only answer I’d ever known – medication. By the end of every workweek, I’d spend Friday – Sunday trying to nurse my body back to health resulting from the stress I had put on it during the week.

I was on the sidelines of my own life. Food was a necessity, but I never gave much thought to the type of food I was putting in my body and how it truly was making me stressed, depressed and sick! I began to realize that what I was eating and how I was living my life were contributing to my health issues in a big way.

I slowly started to learn which foods caused my body to flourish and which my body despised. It was a step-by-step process of trial and error, which ultimately forced me to take the blinders off and take control of my health and life. Through this experience, I saw vast improvement in my health.

The ultimate lesson for me was that, the diet you choose isn’t nearly important as your relationship with food – your lifestyle, and your relationship with your body. Making this connection is the key to your health and life!

As a result of my own personal experiences, I became passionate about the connection between food and health and want to share what I’ve learned to help others and allow them to live the best life possible.

3. What is the biggest reason clients seek your help?

Clients come to me when they have reached a point in life where they are tired of the yo-yo diets and they want to take back their health. Many are struggling with their weight, they have cravings that are out of control, they have digestive issues that make them feel crummy, a lack of energy and are just tired of feeling sick all of the time. Ultimately, my clients are ready to change their lives and I act as the support structure to allow them to make that happen.

4. What kind of services can potential clients expect from Food Restores?

No one diet works for everyone. I work to guide clients toward finding the food and lifestyle choices that best support their body. 

As a client of Food Restores, I work with clients over a six-month period, teaching them to eat healthy, understanding how to listen to their body and together we begin to make gradual life-long changes that will impact their lives and health long term.

The program Includes:

*An initial consultation to get clear on their goals and understand the program.

*Two, individual sessions per month with clients where they get the education and support they require

*Unlimited email support between sessions​

*Cleanse and detox information​

*Handouts, recipes & monthly newsletters

*My personal commitment to support clients to reach their goals, every step of the way

My work with clients over a six-month period results in steady, lasting changes that work. The individualized program will radically improve their health and happiness. We will explore concerns specific to them and their unique body and discover the tools needed for a lifetime of balance.

5. People hear so many different theories (low carb vs low fat vs counting calories) to “what’s healthy”.  What are your thoughts on the different theories floating around out there? 

Most approaches to nutrition dwell on calories, carbs, fats, proteins. Instead of creating lists of restrictions and good and bad foods, I coach my clients how to eat healthy foods and create a happy, healthy life in a way that is flexible, fun and free of denial and discipline.

During my training, I studied over 100 dietary theories, practical lifestyle management techniques, and innovative coaching methods with some of the world’s top health and wellness experts.

No one diet works for everyone. I guide clients to find the food and lifestyle choices that best support them. I help them to make gradual, lifelong changes that enable them to reach their current and future health goals.

6. If people have questions for you, what is the best way to reach you? 

The best way to reach me is via email: If anyone would like additional information they can visit my webpage at or like my Facebook page at

7. What is your favorite breakfast choice?

My go to breakfast choice when I’m on the run is typically a fruit/veggie smoothie. Blueberries, spinach and other super foods such as chia seeds, turmeric, cocoa and mixed greens. Yum!

8. Tell us one random fact about yourself.

My favorite way to relax by being home, with the fireplace burning, wearing some ‘comfy’ clothes and enjoying the company of my kids.

9. What is your favorite store to shop at?

I am a fan of lululemon. I’m tall (5’11”) and they sell work out clothes that fit me! When it comes to fruits/veggies, I do my best to shop local in order to get the most nutritious foods possible!

10 . Favorite vacation spot?

Vacation to me means SUN! Every year I spend a week with my family in Florida during the winter months where we get the opportunity to play on the beach and soak up some Vitamin D!


**If you have any questions for Kimberly, feel free to contact her!**

Youth Basketball at the YMCA

Registration is now open for youth basketball at the YMCA.  Four & Five year olds will be on the Rookie League Saturday mornings 9:00 – 9:50am.  First thru Sixth graders have leagues on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday nights depending on age.  For more information on times and registration cost click here

Youth Basketball Feb 2013

Coconut Oil Benefits

During the last giveaway I asked for the best beauty on a budget tips.  One tip from Holly was one I was not aware of and really wanted the opportunity to share.  First of all, if I have any nutritional or exercise related questions I fully trust Holly and her man, Matt.  They are ripped and serious about taking good care of their bodies.  They obviously know what they are doing! 

Her tip was about Coconut Oil.  I have heard A LOT of positive reviews on Coconut Oil and how healthy it is.  What I did not realize is how many uses there are for the oil!  Holly’s tip was, “Coconut Oil has so many beauty uses… I have no idea where to start! You can use in place of moisturizer, conditioner, eye makeup remover and all over body lotion… Not only is it cost effective… But it smells wonderful and has ZERO CHEMICALS! It’s amazing for your health as well when added to your diet… But this question is for beauty tips… So we’ll wait for nutrition tips next!” 

Eye makeup remover?  Conditioner?  What??  Amazing!  Zero chemicals?!  You had me at hello…


Head over to Tropical Traditions’ Facebook page to learn even more uses for Coconut Oil (like using it in hot cocoa…mmmm) and BONUS- they are offering FREE SHIPPING until midnight tonight with promo code 13711 with any order over $16.00!! 


A deal and healthy?  What more reason do you need to check out the site?  For anyone who already takes advantage of the benefits of coconut oil, please feel free to share your favorite way to use the oil!


Nothing motivates me like new music to listen to when I work out.  To find new music for my playlist I rely on recommendations from other runners.  So I figured I should pay it back and share my Top 100 songs to shake my groove thang to on the treadmill or elliptical.  No particular order!

  1. Get It Shorty * Lloyd
  2. Hey Sexy Lady *iSquare
  3. I Like to Move It * Reel2Real
  4. Take Over Control*Afrojack
  5. Blackout*Breathe Carolina
  6. Bodies*Smashing Pumpkins
  7. Bojangles*Pitbull
  8. Call Your Girlfriend*Robyn
  9. Chasing the Sun*The Wanted
  10. Church*T-Pain
  11. Click Click Boom*Saliva
  12. Cold*Crossfade
  13. Crazy World*Ladyhawke
  14. Toma*Daddy Yankee & Pitbull
  15. Megamixes-80’s Remix*Dance Club Remixes
  16. Dance Dance Dance*Zumba Fitness
  17. Who’s That Chick (Day Version)*David Guetta ft. Rihanna
  18. Memories*David Guetta ft. Kid Cudi
  19. Don’t Stop the Music*Rihanna
  20. Calabrian 2008*Enur ft Natasja
  21. Evacuate the Dance Floor*Cascada
  22. Tambourine*Eve ft Swizz Beatz
  23. Faint*Linkin Park
  24. Jin Go La Ba*Fatboy Slim
  25. Get Your Hands Up*Fatman Scoop
  26. Feel Alright*Sean Paul
  27. Flap Your Wings*Nelly
  28. Pumped Up Kicks*Foster the People
  29. Hollaback Girl Remix*Gwen Stefani ft Fat Joe & Busta
  30. Head Sprung*LL Cool J
  31. I Hate Everything About You*Three Days Grace
  32. I Like It*Enrique Iglesias ft Pitbull
  33. I Made It*Kevin Rudolph
  34. It Feels So Good*Sonique
  35. Jai Ho*A.R. Rahman
  36. If*Janet Jackson
  37. Beware of the Boys*Jay-Z ft Punjabi MC
  38. Let It Rock*Kevin Rudolph
  39. Freak on a Leash*Korn
  40. Let Me Shake About It*Ida Corr & Ying Yang Twins
  41. My Chick Bad *Ludacris ft Nicki Minaj
  42. Maneater*Nelly Furtado
  43. Maps*Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  44. Meet Me Halfway*Black Eyed Peas
  45. Bumpy Ride*Mohombi
  46. Money Grabber*Fitz & The Tantrums
  47. Morning After Dark*Timbaland ft SoShy & Nelly Furtado
  48. Keep On Rocking in the Free World*Neil Young
  49. Err Time*Nelly
  50. Right There*Nicole Scherzinger ft 50 Cent
  51. Outta Your Mind*Lil John ft LMFAO
  52. Prayer*Disturbed
  53. Red Light Green Light*Limp Bizkit & Snoop Dogg
  54. Dancing On My Own*Robyn
  55. Rollin (Uncensored)*Limp Bizki
  56. Sandstorm*Da Rude
  57. We Will Be Burning*Sean Paul
  58. Sexy Chick*David Guetta ft Akon
  59. Shut Up and Drive*Rihanna
  60. Stupify*Disturbed
  61. The Kill*30 Seconds to Mars
  62. Thriller/Heads Will Roll*Glee
  63. Bounce*Timbaland
  64. Touch It*Busta Rhymes
  65. Black and Yellow*Wiz Khalifa
  66. Only Girl In The World*Rihanna
  67. Uno, Dos, Tres, Cuatro*Don Omar
  68. Pose*Daddy Yankee
  69. Twisted Transistor*Korn
  70. We Run the Night*Havana Brown ft Pitbull
  71. Welcome to the World*Kevin Rudolph
  72. Whip My Hair*Willow
  73. Work*Ciara ft Missy Elliott
  74. Party to Damascus*Wycleff Jean ft Missy Elliott
  75. Get Busy (Clap Your Hands Now Remix)*Sean Paul Ft Fatman Scoop
  76. Heart Skips a Beat*Olly Murs ft Chiddy Bang
  77. A Place For My Head*Linkin Park
  78. Forgotten*Linkin Park
  79. Blown Away*Carrie Underwood
  80. Heartbeat*Childish Gambino
  81. Locked Out of Heaven*Bruno Mars
  82. Watch Out Now*The Beatnuts
  83. Shake Senora Remix*Pitbull ft T-Pain & Sean Paul
  84. Dance Rock Shake Pop (Reydon Radio Remix)*Jump Smokers
  85. She Doesn’t Mind (DJ Laszlo Radio Edit)*Sean Paul
  86. Goin’ In (Gustavo Scorpio Edit)*Jennifer Lopez Ft Flo Rida
  87. A Toast to Men*Willa Ford
  88. Tonight I’m Loving You*Enrique Iglesias
  89. Silhouettes*Avicii
  90. Krazy*Pitbull ft Lil Jon
  91. I’ll Be*Foxy Brown
  92. I Just Wanna Live*Good Charlotte
  93. Gold Digger*Kanye West & Jamie Foxx
  94. Kush*Dr Dre
  95. Smooth Criminal*Alien Ant Farm
  96. Self-Esteem*The Offspring
  97. It Takes Two*Rob Base
  98. The Leaving Song Pt2*AFI
  99. Long Way to Go*Cassie
  100. She Wants to Move*NERD

Top 20 Cool Down Songs:

  1. Ana’s Song*Silverchair
  2. Breathe Me*Sia
  3. Dancing*Elisa
  4. Heavy in Your Arms*Florence and the Machine
  5. Dirt Road Anthem*Jason Aldean
  6. Landslide*Fleetwood Mac
  7. My December*Linkin Park
  8. Mad World*Gary Jules
  9. Where I Stood*Missy Higgins
  10. Running Up That Hill*Placebo
  11. Return to Innocence*Enigma
  12. She’s Like the Wind*Patrick Swayze
  13. This Woman’s Work*Kate Bush
  14. Down*RKY & Ken Y
  15. Try Sleeping with a Broken Heart*Alicia Keys
  16. My Love*Sia
  17. Wild Horses*The Sundays
  18. Fix You*Coldplay
  19. Intro*The XX
  20. Winter Song*Sara Bareilles & Ingrid Michaelson

Hope you find a few new tunes to add to your list!  Happy Sweating!

Chair = Home Gym?!

Until your home gym starter kit gets delivered you can use household items to get in a good workout!  For instance a chair- preferably without wheels!  Wheels = possible ER trip! 

Seated Squats

Start with both arms down by your side and slowly bend at the knees like you are lowering yourself to sit in the chair while raising your arms out in front of you.  Don’t lock your knees but pause just as your behind is about to hit the seat.  Hold for 15 seconds and slowly straighten your knees and lower your arms to the starting position.  Repeat 10 times.  Keep breathing even and controlled.

*To increase difficulty increase hold time*

20 Jumping Jacks

Leg Lifts

Place hands palm down on the seat of the chair for balance. Keeping your back straight and knees slightly bent (don’t lock) slowly lift your heel towards the ceiling until your leg forms a straight line with your back.  Hold for 5 seconds before slowly lowering to the ground to starting position.  Do 10 reps per leg.  Remember to keep breathing even and controlled. 

*To increase difficulty increase hold time and number of reps.*

15 Burpees

Chair Push Ups

Place palms on seat of chair.  Step feet back to get into push up position, with arms still straight (don’t lock elbows).  Slowly bend elbows and lower chest down towards chair.  Be sure to position so that you do not take a chance of hitting your head on the back of the chair either while lowering body down or if your arm strength falters.  Slowly straighten arms until starting position.  Do 10 pushups.

*To increase difficulty increase number of pushups or reverse pushups by placing feet on chair and palms on the floor.

Repeat 20 Jumping Jacks

Chair Dips

Start with sitting in the chair with hands gripping edge of seat.  Distribute body weight into feet and arms and lift off the seat so that your knees are bent and your butt is lifted off of floor but arms are straight.  Slowly bend at elbows lowering your butt towards ground, without allowing it to touch the ground.  Pause when elbows are at a 90 degree angle and then straighten arms until back in starting position.  Don’t lock elbows.  Keep breathing even and controlled.

*To increase difficulty increase pause time before straightening arms back to starting position and increase reps.

Repeat 15 Burpees

Abs in the Chair

Sit on the edge of the chair with knees bent at 90 degree angle.  Grip edge of chair for balance.  Slowly raise knees towards chest and then lower to the starting position.  Repeat 15 times.

*To increase difficulty don’t touch your feet to the ground between reps, pause just as your feet are to touch the ground and then move on to next rep without touching ground.

Water Break (take as often as needed- hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!)

Repeat entire workout!

As this workout becomes easier add in more jumping jacks and burpees.  If you find it is too difficult, decrease the number of reps you are doing until it becomes easier.  As with any exercise program, check with your family physician before attempting the above exercises to see if you have any medical issues that may prevent you from performing this routine. 

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