My Tops Experience!

Any Penny Pincher who closely follows the page knows that I LOVE Price Chopper!  I am a fan of the great sales they have and the coupons they offer for produce and meat departments. 

However, any successful Penny Pincher also knows they have to follow the sales of all stores in order to score the best deals.  I have been hearing a lot of great things about Tops Supermarkets that got my curiosity hungry! 

Sunday’s paper secured the deal with the Tops ad.   Buy a big package of boneless chicken and get NINE items for FREE!  Click here for that deal’s details. 

So off to Pulaski I went.  I posted on Facebook how giddy I was to be branching out and trying out new things.  A friend commented that she thought Tops was expensive.  My opinion on that?  Groceries are expensive across the board.  Especially when you try to integrate as much fresh produce as possible into your diet and eliminate processed foods.  That is why you must sale shop and the most successful couponers/ penny pinchers store hop and don’t do one-stop-shopping. 

My overall opinion of Tops was favorable.  I was quite impressed that they give you FOUR coupon doublers when they offer them and that the in-store ad’s have the doublers included (Price Chopper’s do not).  The store was clean and had a smooth flow to the set up.  The produce had a good selection of ripe fruit.  Far too often at Price Chopper and Big M both have I found fruit with mold on it.  I did not have that problem at Tops.  For those who avoid Gluten there was a decent selection of Gluten Free foods available. 

I was in a hurry and very unprepared for this week’s shopping trip.  I went in armed with only 8 coupons (4 doublers) and ended up still saving over $ 80 on my grocery bill.  I will be returning to Tops in Pulaski and eagerly await the opening in Adams.  Make sure you sign up for your Tops store card to score the best deals!  It is similar to the AdvantEdge card at Price Chopper. 

(P.S. Did you know that Price Chopper will honor the Tops coupon doublers?  Click here to print off your doublers!)

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