Q&A: Melanie Cumoletti, Rock Star Coach

1. Introduce yourself and what it is you do:  I’m Melanie Cumoletti, encourager, motivator, health coach, wife and mommy doing what I LOVE and enjoying every minute of it!

2. Why did you decide to go in this path in life?  My God given calling in life is to light a fire in people to push them on to their full potential. I have the opportunity every day to encourage women to go after their dreams to see them come true and let me tell you, it’s so much fun.

3. What do you think most people need to be successful in their weight loss goals?  A solid reason for getting started, a solid program to follow and somebody by their side to help them through their rough days. Let’s face it, everybody has rough days!

4. Why do people fail so often at weight loss attempts?  There is so much conflicting information that really weighs in on people when they are trying to get healthy. I mean, seriously, Dr. Oz has even posted conflicting stuff that really just makes people give up! When I first tried to lose weight, I worked out for 3 weeks and didn’t drop an ounce. It felt so terrible to work so hard for something and not to think that anything was coming from it. I didn’t see ANY change. People get bogged down with so much information that they have no idea where to start, or what will work vs. what is a gimmick and so often, they just don’t have any kind of support system that works for them when they are at a low point – to help them get through it and on to their success. So many people give up when they ONLY look at the scale and don’t understand why the number won’t go down. Most people don’t have a coach or a support system set up to help them succeed. I love what I do, because it works! I talk people through their bad days. I explain what their body is doing and why and I get them onto their success!

5. From a personal point of view, what has been the best part of your own health journey?  I’m not going to lie, the 49lbs lost was really great. But, I think the very best moment I’ve had in this is that very first time that I was able to play ‘chase’ with my kiddos and they laughed so hard they could have peed their pants, but that awesome part was that I was able to wear them out! That had NEVER happened in my life. I welled up with tears…I knew that I was in this for life after that. Their smiles and happiness with that simple little thing with me made this whole thing worth it.

Ok, ok, one more GREAT part – the day my husband picked me up and threw me over his shoulder. Seriously, if he would have attempted that before I lost weight, he wouldn’t be here today, lol!

6. Where can people go to learn more about what services you offer?  I’m on Facebook daily and always posting free tips for weight loss and healthy living at www.facebook.com/RockStarCoachingwithMelanieC or they can go to my web page at www.myrockstarcoach.com

7. Now some fun questions. What is your favorite food?  Sushi, hands down

8. How do you spend your “Me” time?  What’s that? Just kidding 😉 My me time is first thing in the am when I work out. And when I’m winding down, I research and study everything. Right now, my ‘me’ time is training to be a Master Gardner…I know, I know. But I love learning new things and meeting new people and embracing life.

9. Who is your hero?  JC. That’s right, I said it, Jesus Christ. My life is renewed daily because of Him and I’m able to give so much to others because He fills my cup- I really can’t compare anybody else.

10. What is the one material item you cannot live without?  Haha – Hair straightener (my hair is CRAZY without it) and I’m totally adding another one here – my Mac! I love it!

Sample Recipe that Melanie provides on her blog/Facebook page:

Mini Candy Bars that WON’T break your diet! You can find the full write up on my blog at http://www.myrockstarcoach.com/mini-candy-bars-that-wont-break-your-diet/


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