R.E.A.L.: Read, Eat and Love

Being an indie author myself, my weekly selections of free Kindle books will be eBooks that might be flying under the radar due to lack of funds to promote the way big publishing houses can promote.  There are quality authors out there that just have not had the chance to be picked up by a publishing house.  The BEST thing you can do for any writer is to leave a review when done reading the book, good or bad.  Any author can not grow without feedback from the readers.  It doesn’t matter if the book has 1 review or 100 reviews, the author has a deep appreciation for each review left. 

**Please keep in mind that any items on Kindle are subject to change at any time. Please be sure the button says FREE before hitting buy now.**

Children’s Book: I Love You by Calee Lee & Tricia Tharp

I Love You!

Cookbook/Recipe: Slow Cooker Chicken by Linda Roberts

Slow Cooker Chicken - The Slow Cooker Aficionado Chicken Recipe Cookbook (The Slow Cooker Aficionado Recipe Cookbooks)

Non-fiction/Lifestyle: Super Immunity Yoga by Julie Schoen, Little Pearl

Super Immunity Yoga: How To Use Yoga For Improved Health and Wellness By Boosting Immunity (Just Do Yoga)

Romance Book: Offside (The Barker Triplets) by Juliana Stone

Offside (The Barker Triplets)

Fiction: Inheritance by Christine Gardner



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