Q&A: Angela Seeks Out Savings at Angelasos.com!

There are so many services available to people that they might not be aware of that I wanted to start interviewing people about what services they offer to make more people aware!  Each interview session will include business related questions and then a few fun questions so people can get to know the owner of the business!  If you are interested in having your business/ services featured, please email me at pennypinchingparents@yahoo.com !

A former classmate of mine, Angela, frequently posts GREAT deals on her personal Facebook page.  Just today I said to her, you should start your own deals site and what do you know?  She offers an amazing service which she let me interview her about!

  1. Q: Tell us who you are and what you do. A: My name is Angela Keegan and I absolutely love to find the best deal on anything you are shopping for. From Vitamins to vehicles or restaurant equipment, I have been able to save some serious cash for my customers. If you have something that you are intending to purchase, find the price wherever you would normally just go and buy it and then contact me, I take it from there. I then search online to find the best deal on that, of course how can you ensure that I truly get you the best price on the product? The way I get paid is on how much you are saving from the original price, so it is in my best interest and yours to find the absolute best price I can since I would receive 30% of the savings. However in the off chance that I can’t beat the price you gave me, then it costs you nothing.
  2. Q: How did you get into doing this? A: I first got into this when buying auto parts and realizing how significant the savings could be on just those items. My in-laws were the first to see the benefits of that savings and told me I should get paid to do this. My father then said the same thing when he could see the savings in his hand, so with multiple people telling me to get started with a business to get paid to do what I enjoyed and do it from home, I decided it was time to start my business.
  3. Q: What is the #1 mistake consumers make when making a big purchase? A: The number one mistake consumers make when making a big purchase is walking into the nearest store and just buying it without shopping around. Unfortunately many people don’t have the time or the patience to shop around and even the knowledge in some cases to know where else to look, which is where I come in.
  4. Q: How can people contact you? A: It is very easy to contact me via my website in the “Contact Me” section at www.angelasos.com. I tried to make it easy to remember with my business name shortened to AngelaSOS, if you can remember my first name and then that you need help saving money then SOS should come to mind.
  5. Q: Do you target a specific area or can you help people regardless of location? A: I can help anyone anywhere as long as they have an email address or have access through a family member or a friend. Currently I work with PayPal but due to their charges, I am considering switching to an alternative company to avoid having to pass those PayPal charges onto my customers. Since there are protections in place for both of us using PayPal, the 2.9% can set everyone’s mind at ease, knowing that there is no private account information provided to either. It also allows for anyone anywhere to pay via credit/debit card even if they don’t have a PayPal account. I would like a program that provides the same protections. If the transaction is local and cash then we would avoid either of those options.
  6. Q: What is the type of item you are most frequently asked to seek out? A: Auto/ATV parts are currently the most popular items. I will honestly look for anything. With each purchase I gain more knowledge about something else out there in the world.
  7. Q: What is your favorite store to shop at? A: My favorite online store to shop at is www.woot.com because of the varying deals available everyday and their pricing is 99% of the time the cheapest for the item available but not necessarily for something you are specifically looking to buy at a certain time.
  8. Q: What is the one material thing you own that you couldn’t imagine life without? A: I couldn’t imagine my life without my Macbook, of course I got a deal on it and with a free printer
  9. Q: Last book/magazine you read? A:Truthfully I don’t take the time out to read magazines or books but I am realizing that I really should make the time for it to keep my mind sharp. Sadly I suppose the last magazine I read was Lowe’s Creative Idea’s haha! Although there isn’t much reading involved, it does give some inexpensive ideas for creating all kinds of things around your home…shocking isn’t it that I can’t get away from saving money even in my reading choice
  10. Q: You win an all expense paid vacation to anywhere in the world…where do you go? A: All expenses paid trip that I would love to win would be to go anywhere that isn’t here, but seriously, if I had to choose, I would say Italy for at least a week. I would even very happily take Ireland!

To learn more about Angela and see if she can maybe save you some money, head to her website by clicking here.

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