Now that’s a SuperBowl of Food!!

What makes a great Superbowl party?  The kind that people keep mentioning all year long and look forward to in the years to come? 

A.  Ample, comfortable seating for everyone- drag the kids bean bags out, set up camp chairs, have a few rooms with TVs going…the biggest source of anxiety people have in social settings is where will I sit, who will I talk to…make it inviting!

B.  Make it fun!  Have a Superbowl betting pool, ask guests to bring a dessert and have guests vote for a favorite dessert, get into the game!!  Laugh, talk, be merry!

C.  Last but NOT least- serve AMAZING foods!  Don’t go for the same dishes every other party will be serving- be different!  Here are some great ideas:

Instead of a sandwich meat platter, try Antipasto Kabobs!!


Skip the buffalo chicken dip, instead service Buffalo Cauliflower!

Buffalo Cauliflower

Instead of chips & dip try a Bean & Avocado Salsa in tortilla cups!


Instead of Cheese and Crackers, try Cheese and Spinach Balls!!



And then don’t forget to tell me where and what time so I can chow down!!


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