Boost Your Resume and Your Chances of Landing a Better Job

So you don’t want to work minimum wage anymore?  No college education but seeking better employment?  There are easy ways to boost your resume and catch employer’s eyes! 

1.  NO GAPS in employment!!  You must take care of your resume and work history.  As someone who frequently reviews resumes, it is a major turn off to see gaps in between jobs.  It tells me that you either are frequently unemployed (not desirable) or that you were at a job that you left on bad terms (not desirable).  So even if you hate your job, don’t leave it until you secure other employment. 

2. Don’t job jump.  It is also undesirable to see someone who often only works for 6 months at a time before leaving for another job.  It looks better to have only one job that you were at for 3 years rather than 3 jobs that you were at for a year at a time.  Employers want long term employees.  Show them you are capable of long term.

3.  Make yourself stand out.  If there is one opening and ten applicants, you want your resume to stand out from the others.  The biggest bonus points is going to come from experience and qualifications.  If you are hoping to secure a clerical job, take some Microsoft software seminars.  Take the test to become a Notary Public.  If you want to get in the medical field, get CPR certified.  Volunteer at the local hospital.  Keep track of any classes, seminars, volunteer work or certifications you receive and list them on your resume.

4. Take civil service tests that you qualify for.  Many do not require a college degree.  These will place you on lists that the county provides to facilities looking to fill county and state openings. 

5.  Cater your resume and cover letter specifically to the job you are applying for.  If you are applying for a job as a secretary in a lawyer’s office, they won’t care as much for your CPR certification as they will to know that you took a Microsoft Excel course or are a Notary Public.  On the other hand if you are applying for a medical office, they might care more to know you are CPR certified and spent summers as a volunteer in the hospital as a teenager. 

Here are some local classes coming up to help boost your resume:

Volunteer Opportunities:


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