How to Increase or Decrease the Amount of Penny Pinching Parents Posts You See on Facebook!

I absolutely love seeing the number of people who have liked my page go up!  I of course get sad if the number drops even by just one!  I understand Penny Pinching Parents may not be for everyone, but I don’t want the reason for someone to stop following the page because of how often they see posts or if they don’t show up often enough! 

Facebook limits who sees each post in their News Feed.  There is no rhyme or reason to who sees what.  This means you could miss a major deal or event that you might be interested in!  To be sure you see EVERY single one of my posts, simply move your arrow/cursor on your screen until it hovers over the “Like” button on my page. 

A box will drop down and you just select “Show in News Feed”.  You can do this for any page that you don’t want to miss any posts from!

On the other hand, some people may get annoyed with the amount of posts they see from a page in their News Feeds.  In that situation I would recommend “Hiding” my posts from your page and just checking the page as often as you wish to. 

When you see a post on whatever page you want to hide, hover your mouse/cursor in the upper right corner of the post.  An arrow will appear to click on for a drop down box.

Click on Hide.  You will be asked if just to hide that post or all posts.  You choose!

As always, if there is something specific you do not like about the page, please feel free to message me and let me know!  I want to create a page that is enjoyed by all, whether it be couponers or families looking for fun events in the area or deal seekers!! 


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