A Year in Pics: Day 17

I love coming home to delivered packages!  After hearing rave reviews on coconut oil from a comment on my blog, I decided to get it a try.  I chose to order from Tropical Traditions.  Two thumbs up already for super speedy shipping!!


So I have my coconut oil…now what?  I belong to a Facebook group that focuses on attachment parenting in natural and organic based homes.  So of course, I turned to these lovely ladies for ideas on how to fully utilize the coconut oil in addition to the ideas from the comment on my blog.  There are SO many uses for coconut oil….lip balm, hair conditioner, body moisturizer, eye makeup remover, etc.  I would love to experiment with making my own soap with it. 

So tonight at bath time, I used the oil as conditioner for my daughter’s hair.  After bath, combing her hair was effortless.  Definitely easier than normal.  I also used it similar to how you would baby oil on her body.  She was thrilled with how silky she felt.  After her bath, she kept making everyone feel her skin and she was very excited.  So of course, I took a shower and used it as well for moisturizer.  No need for lotion at all.  I think I am in love. 

Well except for when I also used it as eye makeup remover.  Very effective by the way at removing mascara, not very effective when the user gets a glob in her eye.  Temporarily blinded by coconut oil due to user thoughtlessness. 

Despite the blindness…VERY IMPRESSED!  I can not wait to utilize it for cooking this weekend.  I definitely have hippie visions in my head of making my own lip balm and body scrubs and deodorant.  Who would be interested if I did a coconut oil giveaway?


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