Woo Hoo!! My Birchbox Arrived!!

As a penny pinching parent, my budget does not allow for experimenting with designer beauty products.  There is no way I would spend $20.00 on a mascara without first knowing for sure that it gave me the look of falsies with just the mascara. 

Enter Birchbox.  For $10/month you get a box of designer goodies delivered right to your mailbox!  You get to try out the goodies (some trial size, some full size) and then if you like it you can buy it right on their site!  I LOVE opening up my mailbox and seeing the Pink box waiting for me.  It feels like Christmas!


This month I got a travel sized bottle of Alessandro Cream Rich hand cream which left my hands feeling soft, not greasy.  I got a small trial sized bottle of Ageless by Harvey Prince perfume.  The perfume/sprays usually go right to my teenaged daughter as strong smells trigger my migraines.  I also received two sample packets of Kerastase Nutritive Necatra Thermique leave in cream, a small sample tube of Lashem Double Trouble Lash Mascara and a travel sized My Multi-Purpose Mattifying Moisturizer. 


I have received full sized eyeliners, eye shadows, nail polish, etc.  I have never been disappointed yet with a box or thought it was not worth the $10.00 a month. 

Great idea for the gift that keeps on giving for the fashionista in your life as well!  To sign up for Birchbox for yourself or to give as a gift click here!


One thought on “Woo Hoo!! My Birchbox Arrived!!

  1. That sounds like SO much fun. I love beauty products, but I have sensitive skin, so I don’t try many new products anymore.

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