More-Than-A-Muffin Pan!!

Oh muffin pan.  For so long now you have been shoved in the back of the pots and pans cupboard.  Ignored until the family felt like muffins or cupcakes.  It’s time people know that you are more than a muffin pan! 

I just recently baked brownies for my daughter’s class and didn’t want to have to cut them all up or make the teacher do it.  So I used the muffin pan!  (I also used cupcake liners that were in the after-Christmas clearance!)


Here are links for other ideas for using the muffin pan:

Eggs & Spinach Muffins

Pancake Bites Muffins


Bleu Cheese & Spinach Meatloaf Muffins (TO DIE FOR!!!)


Mac n Cheese Muffins



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