A Year in Pics: Day 16

Ah social media.  So many reasons to love you.  So many reasons to hate you.  People do not know how to debate these days.  I love a good debate, but hate when people resort to insults and name calling.  That is not a debate.  A debate is supporting your opinion with detailed information and refuting your opponent’s point of view with logical reason. 


I am sure YouTube had a record high day today with the recent notoriety of the rumor that Sandy Hook was a hoax.  I did watch it, it did have several troubling points that were not refuted on Snopes.com.  However, I have a hard time fully committing to the idea that the government would be able to actually be able to pull off a hoax this size.  That is a lot of people involved and people are not always reliable.  You can’t tell me in a town that size, every single person would agree to go along with the story.  That no one would leak that it was all staged.  Is the video suggesting that the government killed those 26 people or are they suggesting that they somehow convinced  26 people, 20 of them young children to go into hiding. 

December 14th I wouldn’t even turn the TV on.  I ignored any news websites.  After work, which the office had a heavy silence in the air as we tried to process the news, I bundled the kids up in their pajamas and we drove over an hour to a train station and rode the Polar Express.  We laughed and had fun together as a family.  I appreciated every single moment of that trip.  Even more so than I normally would. 

Hoax or not, the story of Sandy Hook should just remind us all to cherish each moment of our life, to treat each second like it may be the last.  That is a truth that can not be debated.


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