The Recipe Rebel: Idea for Chicken Sausage

When I first heard the words chicken sausage, I wrinkled my nose and said eww.  But when I first started paying attention to what was in the food we consumed, I was attracted by chicken sausage.  The brand I first tried was hormone and nitrate free. 

I started with the apple flavored chicken sausage…YUMMY!  But for a family of four, we need two packs of chicken sausage as my husband alone will eat two.  So I started thinking of ideas of what to do when I get one pack for a cheaper meal. 

Feast your eyes on this:


One package chicken sausage sauteed with sliced onions and canned tomatoes, juice and all (you can use crushed or diced tomatoes if you don’t can your own veggies- don’t drain first).  I sprinkled some Italian Seasonings over top and served it over whole wheat spaghetti.  It was AMAZING!  Next time, I would probably toss the spaghetti in pesto but that is because I LOVE pesto! 

**If you are new, I call myself a recipe rebel because I don’t really follow recipes that well, I kind of like to build my own dinners or go by my own measurements!!**

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