A Year in Pics: Day 15

For homework, my youngest brings home these little books with three very short stories in them.  We read them, with her reading as many of the words as possible and then complete activities related to the stories. 

We recently read a story about baking a cake and one of the activities was to bake a cake.  We didn’t have any frosting in the house, but we did have brownies!  Brownies, cake, same thing right?? 

Not only did we not have frosting, but I am out of olive oil!  So instead of olive oil we used applesauce!  I was really proud of my baby, cracking the eggs and placing them in the mixing bowl without even a bit of shell falling in the bowl!  Betty Crocker, move on over! 


I had some marshmallows hanging out, wasn’t sure what to do with them.  So I popped them in the microwave for 45 seconds and then poured the softened marshmallow into the brownie mix, swirling it with a butter knife!  Soooo good!  Yummy!  Most delicious homework ever!!


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