A Year In Pics: Day 14

Wow.  Two weeks into 2013.  Time really does fly!  I am loving 2013 so far!  It’s been a fabulous year already! 

Sometimes I get so busy I forget to take time out for me.  This is my idea of me time:


This is the dashboard of my treadmill.  I managed to squeeze two miles in tonight.  I burned 224 calories and it took me 24 min 46 seconds.  I was really excited about this because that is 12 min 23 seconds per mile.  After the holidays (aka my super lazy on running season) I was pulling about a 14 minute mile.  I like to be 11-12 minutes per mile.  So I am getting there!!  Yay! 

By the way, the picture is dark except for the glow of the numbers as I have to run in the dark.  If I run on the treadmill with any lights or lamps on, I get migraines.  Flashing or moving lights are one of my triggers.  Do you have migraines?  What are your triggers?


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