A Year in Pics: Day 13

I must have missed the memo that Sunday’s are for relaxing.  I got up early to go get groceries.  Came home, my husband unloaded and put away the groceries as I jumped in the shower.  As soon as I was out of the shower I was getting myself and my youngest ready to head to a bridal show with my Mom and sister in Syracuse.  Bridal show in Syracuse = cake samples, free chocolates = hyper child. 


Notice bags under my eyes.  Notice energy radiating off child. 

After we went to the show and went to lunch, my sister took us to the site of the wedding.  A rose garden in a park.  It’s going to be gorgeous. 


Of course, in the midst of winter the roses are in hibernation.  But imagine this in full bloom, the trellises covered in soft, fragrant roses.  Romance is in the air! 

P.S….check out the green, green grass in mid January in Central New York!  It was GORGEOUS today! 


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