A Year in Pics: Day 12

Trying to clean your house with bored kids around is like playing chicken with a full speed locomotive.  You can stand your ground all you want, but they will just blow right over you and leave you in the dust.  So I gave up after the kitchen and bathroom and decided to get them out of the house.  Great decision as it turned out to be such a wonderful day!

My Family Fun Event this week was Ice Skating at the Watertown Fairgrounds Arena.  I still can’t get over just how cheap it is to go skate.  $4.00 includes skate rental.  The kids burn off energy, get physical activity and it doesn’t break the bank!  Truly a wonderful event here in Northern New York! 

My little one is a speed demon on the ice.  Fearless.  After ice skating, I told her she did a great job and asked her if she was aware they offered ice skating lessons.  She said, “Yeah, but I don’t need them.  I am already a champ.”  Hahahaha! 

My oldest one is more hesitant, less confident on the ice.  Has no problem stunting in cheerleading but is afraid of falling on her butt on the ice.  She went a few laps hanging on to the runner to “assist her sister”.  What I saw was her younger sister yelling for her big sister to let go as she was slowing her down. 

When the little one finally decided she was finished, she came off the ice with the hair under her hat damp with sweat.  Take that cabin fever. 

We then headed to Yo Johnny’s to tap into our creative side and make our own frozen yogurt masterpieces.  Prepare for mouth watering.  YUM!  Once again, a visit that left us all smiling.  For my first review click here.  I did try the Bursting Boba Beads this time, in Strawberry.  Um, yes please!  They will be a FOR SURE each visit.  Like Madi said, it’s like a strawberry explosion in your mouth.  Amazing. 


So $ 8 for the two girls to skate and $15 at Yo Johnny’s…$23.00 and a blast…I’d say that is an amazing deal! 

As a lifetime long Northern New Yorker, I have heard many non-lifers say there isn’t anything to do this time of year around here.  I so have to disagree.  I think we have an abundance of activities both indoors and outdoors in Jefferson and surrounding counties.  Ice skating, tubing, skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, snowmobile drag races, sledding down snow covered hills, ice fishing are just some of the many bonuses this cold, snowy season brings us.  And if you prefer to stay indoors there is arcades, indoor soccer, gymnastics, art classes, movie theater, indoor glow in the dark golfing, bowling, music classes and open swim to name a few possibilities.  Stay tuned for each week when I give you ideas of things to do without breaking the bank!!



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