A Year in Pics: Day 11

Nothing sounded better to me then a Friday night, lounging around, an easy dinner, some free HBO, fire burning.  It’s been a long week.  I admit figuring out how to write a bunch of blogs and then schedule them for time releases throughout the day has made my life SO much easier!  I am trying to find balance, as all us Moms and Dads do between work, family and my own interests.  It is incredibly important to have down time.  Time where you ignore the laundry that needs to be put away.  Time where you just relax and do nothing. 

So here is a picture of my Nothing Friday Night.


Laptop.  Kindle Fire.  TV Remote.  Even though I can be connected to the outside world through any of the above pictured items, something about just being home for the night with no plans makes me feel secluded from the world and I like that feeling. 


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