A year in Pics: Day 9

I have a hat obsession.  Not for me but for my youngest daughter.  My oldest daughter has deemed any cold weather gear as “uncool”.  It might mess up her hair, ya know?  However my youngest daughter still prefers to be warm over perfectly groomed.  So I get to feed my winter hat obsession with her.  We have a Thirty-One large utility tote just overflowing with hats and mittens for her.  They make the cutest hats and there is always scorching hot sales on them at end of season.  Beginning of season a hat will sell for $15.00.  I buy it at end of season for $3.00 a size too big to tuck away for next year.  It’s just how I roll.  So today’s picture is my baby wearing one of my favorite hats that she owns. 


That is her fake just-please-hurry-up-and-take-the-picture face.  My friends Erin & Jessica are super talented with crocheting and knitting and make these ADORABLE Hello Kitty hats.  I have had strangers stop me and ask where I got the hat from.  Which of course just feeds my addiction.  If you are interested in a Hello Kitty hat, message me and I will get you connected with these talented sisters! 


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