Coconut Oil Benefits

During the last giveaway I asked for the best beauty on a budget tips.  One tip from Holly was one I was not aware of and really wanted the opportunity to share.  First of all, if I have any nutritional or exercise related questions I fully trust Holly and her man, Matt.  They are ripped and serious about taking good care of their bodies.  They obviously know what they are doing! 

Her tip was about Coconut Oil.  I have heard A LOT of positive reviews on Coconut Oil and how healthy it is.  What I did not realize is how many uses there are for the oil!  Holly’s tip was, “Coconut Oil has so many beauty uses… I have no idea where to start! You can use in place of moisturizer, conditioner, eye makeup remover and all over body lotion… Not only is it cost effective… But it smells wonderful and has ZERO CHEMICALS! It’s amazing for your health as well when added to your diet… But this question is for beauty tips… So we’ll wait for nutrition tips next!” 

Eye makeup remover?  Conditioner?  What??  Amazing!  Zero chemicals?!  You had me at hello…


Head over to Tropical Traditions’ Facebook page to learn even more uses for Coconut Oil (like using it in hot cocoa…mmmm) and BONUS- they are offering FREE SHIPPING until midnight tonight with promo code 13711 with any order over $16.00!! 


A deal and healthy?  What more reason do you need to check out the site?  For anyone who already takes advantage of the benefits of coconut oil, please feel free to share your favorite way to use the oil!


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