A Year in Pics: Day 8

I keep a running list of improvements I want to make around our house.  We live in an old farmhouse from the 1800’s.  Until this past summer I had been seriously considering buying a new home and turning our home into a rental.  And then I found Pinterest.  Helllo lover!  I have made MAJOR changes in our home for minor costs!  The clearance paint rack and I are on first name basis.  Amazing how many people have colors mixed up and then decide they don’t like it!  I was getting gallons of paint for $5.00.  I am quite happy with the changes and have decided that until my student loans are paid off, we are staying in our old farmhouse. 

One big issue I had was our habit of coming in and taking off our coats and hanging them on the kitchen chairs.  I wanted hooks to hang our coats on by the door.  We have a mudroom but it is unheated and who wants to slip on a freezing cold jacket before they step outside into a NNY frigid winter? 

Enter 25% off entire purchase coupon for JoAnn Fabrics.  With a bridal shower approaching, my Mom and I of course were both going to take advantage of that coupon…we are frugal and creative!  While browsing the clearance aisle, I noticed their wall hooks were 50% off.  Originally $5.99, the 50% off took them down to right around $3.00 each.  I then used my 25% off coupon on top of the sale price to end up paying $2.25 per hook.  Score! 

Here is the end result (there are four hooks, my jacket covers the bottom one on left) which I am thrilled with!  (I also did the “faux” finish paint job on the walls this summer). 


Isn’t it so funny how the smallest additions to your home can make you so happy?!


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