A Year in Pics: Day 5

I want to share a picture of my favorite spot in my house:


My beloved coffee bar.  Tucked away in my kitchen.  My happy place.  To the left is my husband’s lifeline aka the coffee pot.  A freebie from Gevalia.  To the right is my baby, my espresso machine. 

Now before my parents gave me this treasured Christmas gift, I had a serious addiction to Dunkin Donuts Mocha Swirl Iced Lattes with skim milk and whip cream.  The darker the better.  However at $3.49 everyday (and occasionally when I couldn’t control my habit, twice a day) it was getting pretty pricey.  $ 3.49 x 1 week = $ 24.43.  One month= $ 104.70  One year= $ 1,273.85


Now don’t get me wrong, DD has AMAZING lattes.  I love them.  The girls were great every morning.  However, I am head over heels with having this machine in my home.  I can have a latte whenever I want.  I don’t have to go out to get it (imagine all the saved gas $$).  I can literally crawl out of bed, no bra, glasses still on, in my pjs and have my latte.  HEAVEN!!  And $100.00 extra in my pocket each month. 

Sure I have to buy supplies for the lattes.  Espresso.  Filters.  Skim Milk.  Syrup.  I figured it out to be a little less than a dollar per day now.  Yes, I am that analytical.  And it pays!

To build your own coffee bar:

For the bar itself:

Whitmor Baker’s Rack $ 82.54 w/ FREE SHIPPING!!

(I managed to get a similar rack on Craigslist for $40.00)

Wall Décor Coffee Prints $ 4.74 w/ $2.99 S&H

(I bought $1.00 black frames from the Dollar Store to frame in)

Stainless Steel Canisters for Coffee, Sugar, Etc $ 15.95

(Any canister set will work.  I used chalkboard labels on mine.)


Save the Best for Last!!

Mr. Coffee Café Latte $ 88.56 w/ FREE SHIPPING!!

Now you can get cheaper models, however this is the only one I have used and so can’t vouch for any other machine.  I love this one!



An assortment of syrups to flavor your coffee drinks can be found here.


2 thoughts on “A Year in Pics: Day 5

  1. You can get the Torani flavored syrups at Walmart. They are the smaller bottles (12.2 fl oz), but they are under $4. I personally buy the vanilla. I think the carmal flavor tastes a little chemically.

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