A Year in Pics: Day 4

We have all been there.  Staring at the clearance food rack.  A super low priced food that we have never tried before.  It’s a waste of money if you don’t care for the food or an amazing deal if we end up liking it.  So today’s picture of the day goes to eighty cent boxes of Riso. 


It looks like rice but it’s pasta.  I love rice.  I love pasta but with the Lap Band (yes I have the Lap Band) it’s hard to eat spaghetti or lasagna noodles.  The selling point that pushed me to take a chance is it is high in protein, which is what banded patients strive for.  You boil it and then drain like you would with any other pasta.  I cracked open a jar of my homemade stewed tomatoes that I canned this summer from our garden and served the stewed tomatoes over the riso.  Delish!  All members of the family agree it is two thumbs up.  Thank Goodness, since I bought 5 or 6 boxes of it.  I could now kick myself for not buying it all at 80 cents a box. 

I am going to use it in place of rice in my Spanish rice, try it in a homemade soup, with stir fry, etc.  Maybe even some steamed veggies over it with a touch of pesto.  It makes me wish I had some fresh kale to boil down and serve with it.  I am definitely planting kale this spring in our garden. 

Another high protein food that reminds me of riso is quinoa.  Also a great alternative to rice or pasta.  If you try either riso or quinoa, let me know what you think!


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