A Year in Pics: Day Two

Day Two:  Back to school, back to work.  Billing day at work- which means cHaOs! 

My day started out with Madi sobbing this morning that she never gets to see her Dad.  (I am married to her Dad, we live in the same house, she sleeps in bed with us 5 nights out of 7, he is home every single night and weekend…she sees her Dad all the time).  She went on with the Oh Woe is Me charades, even pointing out how unfair it is that Paige (my other daughter from a previous relationship) gets to go see her Dad on the weekends.  I give up.  I pointed out we lived with Daddy and she gets to see her Daddy every day, but apparently since he has to be to work at the crack of dawn, she is deprived of his attention.  Good Morning World.

I also forgot to make my morning latte trying to get back in the swing of things.  Latte = essential to my survival.  I am addicted!!  In fact, craving one at 9pm as I type.  Fighting off the internal demons who control the cravings knowing I will be laying wide awake at 2am cursing the deliciousness of the latte.  My fabulous parents bought me an Espresso machine for Christmas meaning I can make those babies anytime I want…no more daily trips to Dunkin Donuts…well except for this morning.  But bonus…I decided I am starting to favor the taste of my homemade lattes over DD’s.  Score!!  Penny Pinching Success!

So back to normal routine can only mean one task for tonight:


Yes, the treadmill.  Along with my running must haves.  Water.  Saucony sneaks.  Towel.  Music.  Pink and Purple castle in my view so I don’t mistake myself for a hardcore athlete (thanks for the reality check Madi).  Two miles in and benched some iron.  Also scored some sweet new tunes thanks to my earlier post about free Amazon MP3 credits!  Dance Rock Shake Pop (Reydon Radio Remix) by Jump Smokers and She Doesn’t Mind (DJ Laszlo Radio Edit) by Sean Paul.  The treadmill mentally takes me to a club dance floor…seriously once I got a little too into Whip Your Hair by Willow and nearly broke my neck.  Close call.

Hey, just because Pop, Lock and Drop usually means to my knees giving out doesn’t mean I can’t tear up the dance floor.  I used to be an animal on the dance floor back in the days…I am just grateful no one has video of any of those nights to ruin my fantasy of my Jennifer Lopez likeness days!


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