A Year in Pics: Day 1

365 days in one year…and yet only a few days stay in your memory bank.  So my goal is to take a pic or two daily and post it on my blog so I can truly remember each day as every moment in life is priceless. 

Day 1:  To-do List: _ Exercise     _Clean & Organize House    _Clip Coupons

                                        x Read  x Lay in bed blogging & snuggling with Madi

Well two out of five isn’t bad.  Plus I showered.  So bonus points for that!

My pics from today:

Chin from Chilla, our family Chinchilla…getting some snuggle time of her own in!


Madi & Daddy out playing in the snow!  This little bundle of energy needs to burn energy off in the fresh air as often as possible!  Just this morning she informed us that her parents were failing her as we wouldn’t go to buy her a latte from Dunkin Donuts!  (She gets that from her Dad’s side!)  She is my little spitfire who has me wrapped right around her tiny little finger!



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