Turn off the TV, Turn on the Savings!

If you are struggling to pay bills and put food on the table, sacrifices sometimes need to be made.  Heat, food, electricity…all necessities.  Internet, television, smartphones are all luxuries.  So here comes my question…if you are seriously pinching pennies could you live without cable or satellite television programming? 

If the answer is absolutely not, can you at least downgrade to a cheaper programming package?  Do without the DVR or second receiver?  Can you cancel your cable/satellite service and instead use Netflix or Hulu

I find when I turn my TV off, I find more time to blog, read, exercise, cook from scratch, clean my house and my favorite- spend time with my family!  Make movie night a special treat instead of a habit. 

I challenge you to try it for a month.  Simply wake up tomorrow and pretend the TV is broke.  Unplug it (this saves on energy too).  Take the batteries out of the remote.  Take on organizing that closet you have been wanting to tackle.  Take your kids to a museum.  Make an entire meal from scratch.  Read a book.  Exercise.  At the end of the month evaluate if you could do without the boob tube. 

If you aren’t ready to quit cold turkey, ease into it with a free month of Netflix.  To learn about the details for a free month click here.

I don’t think anyone on their death bed wishes they would have watched more television. 


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