Almost 200 Fans!! I’m Thinking It’s Giveaway time!!

I get so excited when I see my number of followers climbing that it just makes me want to give stuff away!  One Penny Pincher will win a Proliss Jungle Prowler Flat Iron! 

To enter, simply leave me a comment below with your best budget friendly beauty tip!  You must “like” Penny Pinching Parents on Facebook as well!  Get an extra entry for any friend that you refer as long as they mention in their comment that you referred them!  Good luck Penny Pinchers!


11 thoughts on “Almost 200 Fans!! I’m Thinking It’s Giveaway time!!

  1. I don’t wear lipstick very often so the few sticks I have just sit around so now I use them for blush as well! Two products in one 🙂

  2. Want falsie lashes look without the cost and hastle. First apply primer to your lashes followed by a good volumizing mascara. Let dry. Add a second coat. Let dry. Then heat your lash curler with your blow dryer. Make sure it is not too hot to the touch. Put over your lashes very close to your eye lid. Press firmly then release and press a few more times. Let your eyelashes stand for a while. Then take a different mascara. I use a lengthening one now, and give another coat. repeat adding more coats as desired. Mascara lasts longer than falsies and when it starts to dry out add a couple drops of saline solution to the tube to bring it back to life 🙂

  3. Make a weekly or monthly menu then grocery shopping is easier and cheaper since you know what you need ahead if time, and aren’t buying senseless things. Also, saves gas since you only have to do one trip to the store that week!

  4. My best tip is to buy drugstore make-up only when I have a coupon for it. I especially keep an eye out for deals on my favorite mascara – CoverGirl Lash Blast – because even if I’m going “make-up-less,” I wear mascara. 😉 I can usually get it for half-price with coupons, and when I find a good deal, I stock up.

  5. I mix my foundation with my morning moisturizer. It makes the foundation go on smoother, and last much longer…that stuff is expensive!

  6. Save on shampoo by only washing your hair a couple of times per week. I thoroughly rinse my hair everyday and for me, it holds a curl better.

  7. Coconut Oil has so many beauty uses… I have no idea where to start! You can use in place of moisturizer, conditioner, eye makeup remover and all over body lotion… Not only is it cost effective… But it smells wonderful and has ZERO CHEMICALS! It’s amazing for your health as well when added to your diet… But this question is for beauty tips… So we’ll wait for nutrition tips next!

  8. I read the rules wrong the first time sorry! One way to make a super easy exfoliating scrub is to mix brown sugar and honey then scrub! Easy and cheap almost everyone has these ingredients on hand!

  9. I only buy my makeup when it’s on sale. If it’s not on sale and I run out, I don’t wear it! Usually you can stack a good sale with a store coupon and manufacturer coupon and get it really cheap! ❤

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