Confessions of a Recipe Rebel

I have a confession.  I more often than not improvise on recipes.  Sometimes I omit ingredients that don’t appeal to my taste buds.  Sometimes I add more of a certain ingredients that sounds tantalizingly delicious.  Sometimes I scan the recipe to get a gist of the idea and just shoot from the apron covered hip. 

Another confession?  I am a sucker for a Buy One, Get One Free sale.  I get giddy over Buy One, Get Two free sales.  I am a Thrifty Thrill Seeker, who gets euphoric over big savings.  Oh what a rush!

So last week there was a sale on London Broil.  Buy One, Get One Free.  In the cart you go London Broils.  In the summer we love to start an open fire in our pit and grill a marinated London Broil over the open fire.  Mmmm.  

Back on track…So I have London Broil to work with for a meal.  I LOVE me some Pinterest for food ideas.  I saw an amazing looking plate of Beef and Broccoli in the crockpot over rice and I was infatuated instantly.  Scanned recipe, got the gist and took meat out of freezer to unthaw overnight. 

Now while we are waiting for the meat to unthaw let me preach to you about avoiding overly processed foods.  General rule of thumb…shop around the outside perimeters of a grocery store for a majority of your groceries.  Granted, there are not a lot of coupons out there for fresh produce, meats and dairy but health always prevails over savings.  If in doubt, read the label.  If it has ingredients you can’t even pronounce, it’s probably best to avoid.  It’s quite tedious to eat clean 100% of the time so I try to aim for 65-70% clean.

Okay, meat thawed.  While sipping on a delicious latte, I prepare my Crock Pot meals before hopping in the shower in the morning.  (I am also in love with my Crock Pot…..I use mine several times a week, year round).  Meat goes on bottom of Crock Pot.  Dump a bag of still frozen broccoli (or you can use fresh) over the meat.  Pour some low-sodium soy sauce over the meat and broccoli until the liquid covers the bottom of the crockpot.  (Piece of meat should not be submerged in soy sauce- holy sodium intake!)  Pour water over beef and broccoli until piece of meat is fully submerged in liquid.  Broccoli does not have to be covered with liquid.  You can choose to use beef broth as well for more flavor.  I threw a boullion cube in with mine.  Sprinkle over the broccoli some minced garlic and brown sugar.  Now whether you use a pinch or a dash is up to you…be as rebellious as your taste buds require, you naughty chef you!  Set on low for 8 hours.  Slice up meat and serve over brown rice.  Use black pepper to season.  Super yummy, super easy and fairly healthy (healthy points deduction for soy sauce and brown sugar). 


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